5 Great Vegan Ice Cream Places in LA

It’s been a HOT summer here in LA. Temps have regularly hit 95 and even 100. Cooling off with some delicious dairy-free ice creams is my best solution for beating the heat.

Here are my fave places to get a good scoop of vegan ice cream.


1. Yogaurt

This new place opened in cute little Kenneth Village in Glendale. The entirely vegan shop (except for bee pollen as a possible smoothie addition) offers delectable flavors like salted caramel, green tea, and coconut chai, along with toppings like mochi bites and shaved dark chocolate. While it’s a pricey (about $16 for two mediums with toppings), they make the almond milk base on site and the cups and utensils are compostable.


2. Quenelle

This tiny ice cream shop in Burbank has some great, unusual non-dairy flavors like cinnamon soymilk and the flavors rotate so it’s always different. They mark all of their non-dairy flavors with an asterisk on the menu so you don’t have to ask. FYI, they are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

3. Scoops

There’s three locations of this cash-only ice cream shop (Chinatown, Westside, York Blvd) and they always have some great vegan flavors. Just like Quenelle, the flavors change so you’ll always find something unique. If you pop into the York Blvd location, be sure to head over to Donut Friend next door for vegan doughnuts that will blow your mind.


4. Frog

This Hollywood frozen yogurt bar is just like Yogurtland except there are vegan flavors like peanut butter, watermelon, and key lime that make it even better than Yogurtland. Plus, this location is open until 2am every day so you can satisfy your sweet tooth late at night.


Enjoying some frozato with Brendan and Sutton. Perfect summer day.

5. Hugo’s Tacos

OK, this taco stand isn’t an ice cream place but they do have an awesome frozato that is entirely vegan and comes only in chocolate, vanilla, or swirl, but really, it’s amazing and I love it.

4 Comments on “5 Great Vegan Ice Cream Places in LA

  1. Darn it! Now, I’m in the mood for ice-cream too–your photos are just too delish. . hmm-mm, maybe I can add yogurt ice-cream as a breakfast item. . .? 😉

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