I’m Looking for Creative Women-Owned Businesses

I’m writing a series for the lifestyle website Brit + Co focused on interviews with creative women business owners for the site’s How to Quit Your Day Job series. So far, I’ve interviewed a wedding jewelry designer who has an Etsy shop and a LA-based home decor designer (interview to be posted soon!). On deck, I’m interviewing women who own a cat-themed subscription box company, an Indian cooking school, and a former lawyer turned ice cream shop owner.

Ideally, I’m looking for women who quit their day jobs and followed their passion and created a business based on what they love. If that’s you or you know someone who be ideal for me to interview, please comment below with a link to the company and the person I should contact.

Thank you for your help!

From the blog Basic Grey. Click image for info.

6 Comments on “I’m Looking for Creative Women-Owned Businesses”

  1. Hi, Jennifer!
    When a co-worker commented that my 38-year-old skin looked like a pimply teenager, I left my pharmaceutical career in search of answers to my skin problems but found something more meaningful. After enrolling in an esthetics program I learned how to clear my own acne and now specialize in transformations for other acne suffers every day. Making the move from a “Big Pharma” employee to owning a small-but-thriving skin care company was the best decision of my life!

    If you’re still looking for someone and think I would be a good fit, feel free to contact me.
    Stay clear!
    Alissa Chasen

    • Thanks, Alissa, for sharing your story. If my editor is interested, I’ll contact you directly. If not, best of luck with your company. Sounds like you found your true calling!

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