End of the Year To Do: Send a Thank You Note

Every holiday season, I send editors and anyone I’ve worked with a holiday gift along with a thank you note. In the handwritten note, I thank them for choosing to work with me. This year, I decided to order custom pencils from my friend Jenna’s Etsy shop, LZ Pencils. I ordered one custom set of Parks & Recreation pencils for my VegNews colleague and art director who absolutely loved them. And who wouldn’t? They are awesome sauce.


For the editors I’ve worked with all year long who help make my writing shine, I ordered different pretty notebooks from Chronicle Books and requested Jenna make these “Write It Down, Make It Happen” pencils that I taped with gold washi tape to the front of the notebooks. I thought these would be fun gifts for editor types who are always brainstorming and writing things down.


I used to send cookies to my editors, but quickly realized that not everyone wants more sweets during the holiday season. The notebooks and pencils make ideal gifts instead.

Whether you’re a freelancer or not, I highly suggest buying some pretty holiday cards and dropping a note to your colleagues or bosses to thank them for that promotion, the encouragement, or anything else that they’ve done for you this year. It’s a nice way to spread cheer to those you want to work with again and again.

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