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Last Day of My Cleanse!

21 days later, I am finished with Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet and while at times it was tough, I’m happy I did it. For 21 days, I ate a vegan diet (which I already do) but no gluten, sugar, alcohol, or caffeine. I am a sugar addict so I thought that was going to […]

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My October Challenge: A 21-Day Cleanse

A year ago I ran a half-marathon. I spent six months training. It was mentally and physically challenging. At mile 12, I wanted to stop but I knew I had come so far that I didn’t. It was rewarding on so many levels, but my knees were in pain and I’ve spent time recovering in […]

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What a Vegan Eats

Recently, I chatted with a gal I sat next to during a recent awards dinner (see Winning & Losing as a Writer post). She was eating a filet mignon with mac ‘n’ cheese while I had a sad GVP (grilled vegetable platter, to quote Laura Beck). She asked me, “So how’s being a vegan working […]

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