Snag the Feb/March 2016 Issue of Bust Magazine!

One of the very first pieces I ever wrote was for Bust magazine back in 2007 about young women who wanted to become nuns. It’s one of my favorite independent magazines and I always enjoy writing for them. In the Feb/March 2016 issue with The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams on the cover, I wrote a […]

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Grab the October/November issue of Bust magazine!

I’m so excited to share that I wrote a feature for the October/November Home issue of Bust magazine, one of my favorite magazines. In July, I interviewed several women who live at the LA Eco-Village, a cohousing community with a focus on eco-friendly living. I was really impressed by their lifestyle, especially in the City […]

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Tenacity is My Best Friend as a Writer

I’m just about to head to NYC for a week and I’m very excited to go back. I’m meeting with some editors, my wonderful agent Michelle Andelman, interviewing the amazing Shelby Knox, seeing friends and family, and stuffing myself silly with great New York food (pizza, bagels, black-and-white cookies). As a writer, I’ve handled my […]

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