5 Tips for Editing Your Own Writing

As a former magazine editor, I often spent my time editing other people’s work, which became a great learning tool when I edited my own work. Before becoming a magazine editor, I was very precious about my words like I CAN’T POSSIBLY CHANGE THAT SENTENCE. But as a freelance writer, my editor’s notes are king. […]

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Publishing Tips With Book Editor Kristen Weber

I first met book editor Kristen Weber when she and her husband Marc first moved to Los Angeles, fresh from New York City. We had a lot in common—our love of pugs, books, and missing NYC—so we became friends. Kristen is experienced editor with more than a decade of experience in the NYC publishing world. […]

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Why Every Writer Needs an Editor

Now that I’m an editor at one of my favorite magazines, VegNews, I’m more acutely aware of why every writer needs an editor. As funny and as witty as we are as writers, we make mistakes. We get too insular. We forget that not everyone understands every single thing we write down. As a freelancer […]

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