Use Social Networking for Good, Part II

This is Part Two of our Social Networking podcast where we discuss how to use Gchat, Google Docs, and blogs as tools for social networking as a writer. A lowdown of what we discuss: Gchat/Google docs A great way to collaborate with your fellow writers from a distance and get feedback on your work. With […]

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Use Social Networking for Good, Part I

If Google’s slogan is “Don’t be evil,” then as a budding, mid-career or veteran freelancer, your slogan should be “Don’t be a spammer.” There’s nothing more tiresome than logging onto Twitter only to find your feed overrun by what’s obviously self promotional with no value to you. The same goes for Facebook updates about the […]

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On the Clock: Set Your Own Hours

Welcome to our very first podcast of Freelance Friends. Today’s topic is On the Clock: Set Your Own Hours. Working as a freelancer requires the biggest challenge: managing your time. While it may seem cushy to set your own hours and never have to wear anything but sweats to “the office,” adding structure to your […]

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