My 5 Favorite New Vegan Eats in Los Angeles

The best thing about moving back to Los Angeles are all the vegan-friendly places to eat and drink. I used to feel it was tough to go out with omnivore friends because the vegan or vegetarian dishes were so boring. Now, in LA, there are so many good non-vegan places with great vegan options. Here […]

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WIN Golden Globes Swag!

I really love award shows, especially the Golden Globes since it combines TV and movies. Plus, the fact that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were hosting made it even better. My friend Laura Beck is the Weekend Writer and Editor for She and I attended a Golden Globes gifting event, and I took the […]

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What a Vegan Eats

Recently, I chatted with a gal I sat next to during a recent awards dinner (see Winning & Losing as a Writer post). She was eating a filet mignon with mac ‘n’ cheese while I had a sad GVP (grilled vegetable platter, to quote Laura Beck). She asked me, “So how’s being a vegan working […]

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