The Most Frequently Asked Freelance Writing Questions

Some times I get questions from aspiring writers about how to make it as a writer. I thought this post would be helpful to share the most frequently asked questions I get and answer them here. 1. Can I make money as a writer? Yes. I do make my living from freelance writing and editing. […]

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5 Tips for Editing Your Own Writing

As a former magazine editor, I often spent my time editing other people’s work, which became a great learning tool when I edited my own work. Before becoming a magazine editor, I was very precious about my words like I CAN’T POSSIBLY CHANGE THAT SENTENCE. But as a freelance writer, my editor’s notes are king. […]

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Five Tips for Getting a Personal Essay Published

In March 2013, I sent a personal essay to an editor at MARIE CLAIRE. She expressed interest in it and asked to see a draft. We went back and forth, and then she brought it to her executive editor. She and the executive editor found one sentence in my draft that they were interested in turning […]

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