8 Great Vegan Products at Costco

I never thought I’d shop at Costco since it’s just my husband and me in my household, but I made the switch when I read an article on how Costco pays its employees a fair wage and provides company-sponsored health insurance. For more on what’s so great about Costco, check out this Huffington Post article. […]

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Product Review: Sambazon 3-Day Cleanse

When I spotted the Sambazon Purifying Cleanse at my local Costco, I was intrigued. I’m a huge fan of the Sambazon açaí smoothie packs. I blend them with some unsweetened almond milk, chocolate Vega protein powder, and a few frozen strawberries for a delicious breakfast smoothie. I’ve done the Kris Carr 21-day cleanse (no alcohol, […]

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