5 Great Podcasts For Writers & Creative Folks

One of my favorite things is listening to podcasts while driving, cooking, and getting ready in the morning. As a writer and journalist, I love listening to stories. They inspire me and help me learn something new. One of my favorite poets, Nikki Giovanni, said in a talk before a reading of her latest collection, […]

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How to Keep Writing

Ah, Ira Glass. You are one of my favorite storytellers. This American Life has made me laugh, cry, and wonder. His beautiful summation of the trickiness of creativity is exactly the reminder I need to keep going. Here’s the thing: I’ve been writing since I was in second grade. I’ve had success and a lot […]

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A Reader’s Writing Questions

Recently a reader, Marlee Rubel, contacted me with some questions. Since I receive similar questions from readers, I thought I’d share my answers on my blog instead. Thanks Marlee for reading and asking some great questions! I’m always open to questions. Feel free to email me. Q: I’m interested in writing for a living (or […]

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