9 Vegan Holiday Recipes & Ideas for Non-Vegans

I’m lucky enough to have wonderful friends who make sure there’s something for me—the vegan—to eat at their holiday party or when I come over for dinner. Usually, they ask me what can I buy or make. People have asked me if peanut butter and tortilla chips are vegan (yes and yes). Honestly, it makes […]

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Cookbook Review: Artisan Vegan Cheese by Miyoko Schinner

When I went vegan, I missed cheese, but I was happy to find so many vegan cheeses that didn’t taste like plastic. Then I met and worked with Miyoko Schinner, the culinary genius who makes vegan cheese that is on par with dairy cheese. Schinner is a true chef in every sense of the word, […]

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My Top 10 Vegan Eats in Paris

When I told people that my husband and I were traveling to Paris for vacation, their reaction after smiling was, “How are you going to eat vegan in Paris?” Everyone is under the assumption that Paris, the fromage capital, is not veg-friendly. Lucky for me, we were working on a travel feature on Paris at […]

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