Some Writing Truths Told in GIFs

What I Feel Like When Someone Asks Me To Write For Free What People Think I Do as a Freelance Writer and Editor What I Actually Do as a Freelance Writer and Editor What It Feels Like When Something I’ve Written Is Published What I Tell Myself When Pitching an Editor What It Feels Like […]

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Interview with Debut Nonfiction Author Alexis Coe

I first met writer Alexis Coe when I lived in the Bay Area and our mutual friend set us up to meet. I’m usually not expecting much on blind friend dates, but Alexis and I hit it off. (I think it also helped that we are both obsessed with our dogs.) Alexis wrote her first […]

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How to Use Pinterest as a Writer

I love this infographic about creativity, which is why I’m sharing it with you, dear reader. I couldn’t agree more, especially with #14. Though I do agree with #4, there are some things I really love about writing on my MacBook Air. One of them is Pinterest. Pinterest is one of those fun things that […]

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