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Creature Comforts: Fur-ward Thinking

What’ll the tech geniuses think of next? Smart gadgets for your 21st-century pet.

Creature Comforts: All Howl’s Eve

It’s time to treat your little goblin to a Halloween getup.

Creature Comforts: Bone Appétit

What’s better than a doggy bag? Fido-friendly food trucks. Three worth checking out if you’re within barking distance.

Gifts That Uplift!

A short personal essay, featured in the main story, about the greatest gift I’ve ever gotten.

Live Your Best Life: Trailblazer

A front-of-book article about Patrice Banks who recently a female-centric auto body shop, Girls Auto Clinic.


Women Who Make Beautiful Things: Pop Star

A front-of-book article on how one woman created a thriving frozen desserts truck, Garden Creamery, in San Francisco.

Oprah Aug 2015Oprah Aug 2015 Pop Star

Good Housekeeping

Real Life: Everyday Hero

A front-of-book article about Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson, the co-founders of The Kind Campaign, an anti-bullying nonprofit geared toward resolving girl-on-girl bullying at the school level.

Real Life: Everyday Hero

A front-of-book article about Patrice Banks, the founder of Girls Auto Clinic, who teaches everyday women how to repair their cars.

GHK010116FOBcover_lo copy (dragged)Real Life Patrice Banks

Real Simple

The Vets Will See You Now

Answering pet-related questions with veterinarian experts, dog trainers, and more.

Real Simple September 2018 Cover.jpgReal Simple September 2018 Vets Column.jpg

Work & Money: What Type of Worker Are You?

An interview with workplace expert and author of Work Simply Carson Tate shares her tips for play to your productivity style in your work life.

Real Simple April 2016 coverProductivity Primer


True Detectives

These student Nancy Drews gather clues to pursue real criminals.

Meals on Wheels

Female bikers deliver breast milk door-to-door.

Auto Correct

A female mechanic’s tips for easy riding.

Hello Kitty

A front-of-book piece about CatLadyBox, a subscription service for cat ladies.

BustFebMar16 CoverBust FebMar16 CatLadyBox

Modern Family

An in-depth feature article on single women adopting children in the United States.

Bust Issue91_coverBust Adoption story image

Nick of Time

An interview with funny man Nick Kroll.

All Together Now

A feature article on a co-housing community in Los Angeles, CA.

Wheels on Fire

A front-of-book article about an all-female tire shop in Texas.

Cat Overload

An interview with Isa Chandra Moskowitz, a vegan cookbook author, about her new project to help feral cats.
BUST OctNov2011 coverBUST Cat Overload

The School of Hard Knox

A profile of Shelby Knox, young feminist, who continues to fight for sex education in the classroom.

Get Thee to a Nunnery

A feature article about on several young women who are interested in becoming nuns and joining convents.

The Writer

Off the Cuff: Wife of Wrath

A personal essay about my professional jealousy over my husband’s writing success.


Popular Photography

The Grass Menagerie

Renowned wildlife photographer Into Arndt journeyed to the world’s greatest grasslands. He shares how he’s documented everything from bison herds to tiny flowers.

Aloha Adventure

Sizzling lava, hidden waterfalls, dramatic waves… unimaginable beauty awaits in Hawaii. Four photographers divulge their best secrets for capturing the islands’ majestic landscapes.


Kind Finds

Marvel at 8 discoveries fit for every wanderluster’s taste.


Moment: From Foster to Family

This is the tale of how one sweet pup made the long trek from Korea to Texas to find a loving home.


Every Day With Rachael Ray

Room Service

James Young, the host of DIY’s I Hate My Kitchen, shared some creative decorating tips to make your kitchen look great without breaking the bank.

Party Animals

When guests are over, train your pet to mind his or her manners, with training tips from celebrity pet trainer and host of Animal Planet’s It’s Me or the Dog, Victoria Stilwell.

Three Cheers

Save a little cash while treating yourself to a spa treatment inspired by your favorite happy hour cocktails with 3 refreshingly simple treatments to keep you looking your best.

Pit Stop

Champion griller and organizer of Safeway’s National Capital Barbecue Battle, Doug Halo, shared some of his best tips for keeping your grill in top shape.

Stop Saying Yuck

A front-of-book feature on how to overcome common food aversions and the reasons why we hate certain foods. Interviews with molecular biologist Adam Ruben and nutritional scientist Eric Nowicki.

Anatomy of a Place Setting

This article gives quick tips and helpful hints for dining table etiquette. Interview with etiquette expert Deborah King.

Play With Your Food

A front-of-book profile of four different candies that double as art supplies.


Pop Stars

A back-of-the-book piece on making DIY vegan popsicles.

Indies Rock

A Maggie-award winning feature about why independent magazines matter.

Rescues & Relaxation

A travel roundup of several animal sanctuary bed-and-breakfasts in the US.

80.cover_large 48VegNews_JA11

Skin Deep

An inside look of what is really inside your beauty products.

Leaping Leppard

A look inside Def Leppard’s lead guitarist Phil Collen’s fridge to see what he eats.
mayjune11.cover_large 98VegNews_MJ11

A Day in the ‘Dena

Part of a summer staycation article, this profile is a veg-friendly guide to great places to eat and visit in Pasadena, CA

Natural Health

Vital Signs: Pets

A few tips to help your overweight pooch or fat cat lose some pounds naturally, the reasons why chocolate is so deadly for dogs, and statistics on pet dental care that will surprise you.


Meeting My Hero

An as-told-to story about Christine Pechera, two-time cancer survivor, who was able to meet her bone marrow transplant donor.

Rescuing Time

Interview with filmmaker Wong Kar-wai on his film, Ashes of Time Redux.

Killer Instincts

Interview with actor C.S. Lee about his career and latest gig on the hit show Dexter.

Louder Than Words

Interview with award-winning documentary filmmaker Ann Kaneko on her controversial documentary Against the Grain: An Artist’s Survival Guide to Peru.

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