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Today’s Parent

I Went Away Without My Kids and I Don’t Feel Guilty About It
What Life is Like for Kids with Rare Genetic Conditions
How I Stopped Being the Shouty Mom
How to Help Your Baby Thrive in the NICU
Real-Life Parenting Hacks for Raising Twin Babies
Double Breasted: How to Master the Tandem Breastfeed
Double Trouble: The First Time I was Alone With my Twin Babies was Terrifying

The Atlantic

Employers Are Making Baby Steps on Paid Leave Policies

Brit + Co

All Stories, my entire Brit + Co portfolio
How to Quit Your Day Job, a bi-monthly series on female #girlbosses
5 Ways to Make Your Period Eco-Friendly
20 Tips for Hosting a Vegan Guest for Dinner
15 Vegan Cheeses That Actually Taste Good
10 Tips for Transitioning from Full-Time to Freelance Work


Pop Star: Erin Lang’s Almost Too-Pretty-to-Eat Frozen Treats
This Woman Was Tired of Getting Scammed, So She Became a Mechanic


Why I Don’t Want My Miscarriage to Stay Secret (essay version)
Why I Don’t Want My Miscarriage to Stay Secret (video version)


Comedian Jenny Yang is Disrupting Cultural Perceptions of Asian Americans by Making You Laugh

Pacific Standard

The Dangerous Weight of Expectations
Why Women Troll Other Women on the Internet


My Mom’s Killer Was Fined $250 (As Told To essay)
12 Things Never to Say to an Asian Woman
I Tried Weird Period Products So You Don’t Have To
The 11 Best Things About Being Married

The Bold Italic

Are There Fat Asians? Yes. I’m One of Them
Open Letter to the Stubborn Water Wasters of LA
This is What SF Restaurants Become in LA
The LA Guide to Everything You Wanted to Learn
Cool Vintage Menus from Classic LA Restaurants
How to Pretend It’s Winter in LA
The Craziest Things You See Driving in LA
Why Foie Gras is F**king Gross
The Agony of Putting Your First Pet to Sleep
LA’s Best Arcade & Gaming Bars
Awesome Things You Should Do in San Luis Obispo
Now Why’d They Have to Go and Make the New Asian Emoji Yellow?


Island of Misfit Toys

Edge LA

Best of Los Angeles Theater 2009
Legally Blonde: The Musical
9 to 5: The Musical
The Little Dog Laughed


Secrets of a C.E.O.: Why I Chose In-State College

Shelf Pleasure

Love/Hate: Why I Love Reading Young Adult Novels
Read: My Favorite Indie Bookstores and Public Libraries


How to Veganize Any Recipe: Sweet Edition
How to Veganize Any Recipe: Savory Edition 
11 Reasons Why Oakland is the New Brooklyn
10 Easy Swaps for an Eco-Friendly Home
10 Outrageous Holiday Treats 
3 Simple Timelines for a Stress-Free Vegan Thanksgiving 
5 Must-Have Fall Vegan Nail Colors
7 Ways To Create Healthy Desserts
9 New Ways to Use Nut Butters
Vegan Men’s Fashion

Yummy Plants

A Vegan Guide to LA
A Vegan Guide to Halloween
The Ultimate Vegan Thanksgiving Menus
Easy Vegan Holiday Entertaining Tips
12 Tips for an Amazing Vegan Valentine’s Day
7 Great Vegan Game Day Snacks
Chipotle Expands Vegan Sofritas Option
7 Tips for a Fun Vegan Easter Celebration
6 Tips for a Delicious Vegan Memorial Day
5 Great Vegan Gifts for Father’s Day

Zócalo Public Square

LA’s Libraries Are Lookers

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