Trade Magazines

AfterCapture Magazine

Eva Kolenko: An Extraordinary Eye for Detail

Eye-catching images and bold color are signature elements of Eva Kolenko’s work. A young photographer with a bright future, Eva discusses her career straight out of art school and into the photo industry.

DaySpa Magazine

Trend Watch: The Halo Effect

Spas are tapping into the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits of salt therapy to help clients breathe easy.

DS Cover 215Trend Watch 0215 Salt Caves

Trend Watch: Holiday Happy Hours

Spas are hosting free, festive parties to celebrate current clients and attract new ones.
DaySpa Cover 1114Trend Watch Holiday Happy Hours

Trend Watch: Bronze Stars

Luxurious sunless tanning treatments offer clients a year-round faux glow.

DS Cover 814Bronze Stars 814

Trend Watch: Mane Attractions

Spa resorts are harnessing horses’ powers of intuition to help clients
discover new life skills.

DaySpa 614 Cover DaySpa Trend Watch 614

Trend Watch: A Bigger Tent

Savvy spa owners are turning time-crunched clients into one-stop shoppers.

DaySpa March 2014 cover DaySpa Trend Watch 314

Rangefinder Magazine

Stephen Hamilton: Who’s Hungry?

Stephen Hamilton photographs food that makes you want to take a bite off the page.

William Castellana: Light and Shadows

From exquisite black-and-white city views to single inanimate objects, William Castellana plays with light and shadows and tones of gray.

Steve Grubman: Animal Instincts

It’s just another day in the studio photographing scorpions, spiders, alligators, rhinos, cows, zebras, and elephants for Steve Grubman.

Aline Smithson: She’s So Unusual

A self-taught photographer, Aline Smithson takes an unusual look at the world with her toy cameras to transform Legos into landscapes and portraits into painted works of art.

Leslie McIntosh: Color Chameleon

With classic style, posing, and lighting, Leslie McIntosh carries on her family tradition in photography with her signature senior portraiture.

Emerge Photo Competition:Time to Get Noticed

A few hundred photographers hit the ground running with a new photo contest called the emerge Photo Competition, sponsored by liveBooks and Rangefinder Publishing.  A profile of winner Los Angeles-based wedding photographer Suthi Picotte.

Dawn Shields’ Legacy

A profile of photographer Dawn Shields who won the WPPI Grand Award for Album at WPPI 2010. Dawn shares the story behind her amazing album “Legacy,” which details the secret life of her grandfather.

Nigel Barker: A Sealed Fate

Nigel Barker, judge on America’s Next Top Model, and fashion photographer shares about his rise to fame, his charity work, and his passion project photographing seals for the Humane Society of the United States.

Laurie Rhodes: A Bride & Her Photographer,

A profile of Laurie Rhodes, a New York-based wedding photographer, and the process a bride (in this case, me) goes through to choose a wedding photographer and what a great wedding photographer relationship should entail.

Russ Roca: The Eco-Friendly Bicycling Photographer

Russ Roca isn’t your average portrait photographer. First of all, he lives in LA and doesn’t own a car. Second, he rides a bike to all of his shoots. However unconventional, Roca takes portraits that don’t need gas to get revved up.

History of Rangefinder Publishing: A Timeline

The complete history of the rise of Rangefinder Publishing from its two successful publications, Rangefinder and AfterCapture, to the evolution of WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International).

David Bishop: Whetting the Appetite

New York and Chicago-based food photographer David Bishop captures not just simple shots of food but instead meals that whet your appetite. In each of his images shot for magazines like Food & Wine and Bon Appetite, Bishop’s work is incredibly eye-catching.

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